In his paintings have been embodied works of artists from various eras with the simple aim of advancing slowly in the techniques of oil painting, light and color.





Jose L. Pastor March 

Valencia 1948. Impressionist painter. His painting has always been influenced by the currents of the nineteenth century. He is grandson of painter Vicente March (1859-1927). Many of his works have been carried out in the same places that embody their great works of the nineteenth century figures. Figures such as J. Benlliure, V. March, M. Barbasan, Pedro Serrano .. etc. Towns like Subiaco, Tivoli, Anticoli, Affile were the scene of their daily travel in times to escape the sweltering summer in Rome.                      Telef. 0034615174959

Portrait and figure are daily work issues. Currently, his compositions are based on people known to the everyday environment

His genre scenes season mainly reflect issues pertaining to both the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as the current

Landscapes, still lifes corners and complement the work of the painter.